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I am Toni Tähti, a Finnish cyclist from Viitasaari.

I am a member of the Austrian Team Bergankunft Iselsberg and a member of the Jyväskylän Pyöräilyseura JYPS ry.

I compete in international off-road and road bike competitions, e.g. in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Finland. 🙂

The top achievements of 2023 were e.g World Games, Austria, 1. Supergirodolomiti, Austria, 1. Glocknerkönig, Austria, 1. Granitmarathon, Austria, 3 Eldorado Marathon, Austria, 1. WipfelTrophy, Austria, 1.

Past number of years, I’ve taken part in some very tough MTB competitions in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Finland. I’m really happy to see my legs getting stronger year by year 🙂

The serious side of all this: Being a cyclist from my heart and soul means putting many other things aside and focusing on just riding bikes. I spend a lot of time on the saddle training, more than enough time travelling, and relatively little time racing. I’m forever grateful for the support from my family, friends and sponsors.

You would also make me smile and try even harder if you gave me likes and love on social media 🙂


My recent rides on Strava

21.11.202395.18km04:30:09What happened?
31.10.202365.16km02:36:54Arctic ride with the legend of Osttirol!
30.10.202335.95km01:30:19Do you want to swim?
24.10.202397.97km03:48:06Time for ice skating⛸️⛸️
21.10.202379.71km03:00:48Ice, water and Schneee⛄
9.10.2023127.95km04:17:25One way ticket
5.10.2023125.90km04:11:19Trip to the big world🫣
24.9.20233.68km00:29:16Water ski😂